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Bordered by the Caribbean sea to the East, Mexico to the North, and Guatemala to the South and West, Belize is perhaps the most diverse nation in Central America. This nation of just over 300,000 people can look like three different countries depending on where you. With mestizos (Latinos) in the North / West, Mayans in the south, and Creole in the Central/East, there is a culture for everyone in Belize. Often referred to a the Jewel of the Caribbean, the beauty of the country begins with the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world just off the coast and continues with the dense jungle and Maya Mountains of the West and South. The interior mountain areas and coastline are beautiful, with Belize boasting the second largest barrier reef in the world. Forty percent of the country is dedicated to nature preserves.

Climate, Language & Safety With English as the primary language, Belize is an ideal place for those looking to travel without the burden of language difficulties. Influenced by the bordering Spanish-speaking countries, there are areas where Spanish and even Mayan dialects are spoken. The climate is often warm and humid with average temperatures 75-85 degree Fahrenheit. Currency 2:1 ($1 dollar US equals $2 Belizean dollars

Hopkins is a Garifuna village on the coast of the Stann Creek District in Belize with a long beach and access to the Belize Barrier Reef for snorkeling and diving, garifuna drumming, and nearby nature parks.

Current Project Details:

Concrete Slab for Existing Container Buildings: $7000

Connect to Electrical Grid: $7000

Connect to Village Water Supply: $5000

Install Septic System: $6000

Construct Bathroom in Container Dorm: $6000

Construct and Furnish Church Building: $75,000