The Vision

The Body of Christ is meant to be dynamic and exciting! Church is not just four walls, where we go to watch  someone sing and preach. Church is a worldwide movement that touches lives and brings change to communities  through the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ! We are charged to be ambassadors of reconciliation, according to Scripture, and in Belize, this looks like people with willing hearts flying to a different part of the world in order to bring the love and truth of the Gospel to people like you and me -people that need it! 

We do not go with a prideful presumption that we have answers, but, instead, we live life through the lens and leading of the Holy Spirit. He guides us to love and bring healing. So come! Join us, as we build a desperately needed free high school, church, and community center for the people of Hopkins. God so loves and cares for his children, and YOU get to be an answer to someone’s prayer in Belize. 

We’re working to launch a church and a high school in Hopkins, Belize. This would fill a major void, as there are not any English speaking churches or high schools in the area. Our main purpose in this endeavor is to start this church and high school to share the exciting news of Jesus’ love. We hope you’ll join us, as we begin building these structures from the ground up on the land God has provided just 2 miles outside the village of Hopkins. Our property is twenty acres of dense jungle, and we are going to start clearing it in February. We’re looking forward to working with you to advance the cause of Christ in Belize!

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Calling all Pioneers!

We are in the beginning stages of pioneering a beacon of hope and light in Hopkins, Belize!

Come Join Us, as we are building and praying for the future Church and FREE High School!


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