Team Pakistan

Pakistan for Jesus.  Only 1.39% of people in Pakistan know Jesus.  Christians are heavily persecuted for their faith.  Christians are crying out for help from their family around the world.  We have decided to answer.  In our base in Gatwala Pakistan, we are seeing the blind healed, people with cancer healed, the power of God falling just like in the New Testament.  The most important thing of all.  God is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh and thousands are receiving salvation.  Now is the time for the church around the world to respond.  Will you help?  We are setting up crusades around the country.  Fearless, faith-driven preachers are preaching the good news of Jesus Christ at the risk of their own lives.  Please consider joining us as we take the gospel into some of the most dangerous places on earth.

Team Europe

The Holy Spirit has directed our ministry to establish a training base in Europe where people will be trained to plant churches and preach the gospel.  Get ready for the ride of your life.  Help us reach the world for Christ by funding this program to change the world.

Team Belize

Team Belize is changing the world building a church, bible college, and high school in the nation of Belize.  You can help us change the world.  Please click here to donate today.

Team West Coast

James and Angel, led by the Holy Spirit, are taking their first missionary journey.  Going two-by-two, these two young men are going from Southern California to Canada spreading the love of Christ by sharing the good news.  Jesus said, “take no tunic or bag for the journey” and that is what they are doing.  Going by faith!.  Please pray and consider helping our two young evangelists spread the gospel for one month as they drive the entire western coast of the United States.