Sharing God's Love to the Ends of the Earth

This decade has been reported as the highest level of Christian persecution in human history.  Yet, we are at the precipice of spiritual revival.  Everywhere Christian ministry groups go The Holy Spirit is drawing people to Jesus in record numbers.  Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”  An opportunity has come where we can reach tens of thousands if not millions with the good news of Jesus Christ.  It began when we were asked to present the gospel to a little house church struggling to survive in Pakistan.  Despite heavy persecution they have been faithful to share the love of Jesus in creative ways in their community.  Recently, we were asked to support a meal for the community and present the gospel via live video feed into this tiny home church.   As you can see from the pictures below men, women, and children came in from the local community and sat on the floor with meal to listen to as we shared the about God’s love.  It was amazing.  It looked like something right out of the New Testament with the beautiful dresses and kind hearts.  People of all ages surrendered their life to Jesus.  Then they asked for prayer for healing.  The Spirit of God descended, and many were healed from tumors, stomach pain, skin disease, and more.  At the end of our sharing the 40 or so people in that room, with tears of joy, thanked us for the message of Hope.  We were shocked how God could use us to broadcast live into Pakistan with the good news.  This is where you come in.  Since our first broadcast hundreds of churches have asked that we broadcast into their community, so the good news could be taken to the ends of the earth.  From Pakistan, Egypt, Philippines, and Mexico God is opening doors.  Will you help us plant the seed of God’s amazing grace?  Together we can change the world.  We are sending, “Seed Kits,” to any and every church that wants them from the deserts of the middle east to the Jungles of Belize.  We can only send out what we can purchase.  We are asking you to support this effort by purchasing a “Seed Kit” that we can send to these churches in need.  Each “Seed Kit” costs $1000 and consists of a projector, projector screen, laptop, speaker, microphone, and cables.  Please consider partnering with us so we can plant the seed of God’s love and reap the harvest of people waiting to know their heavenly father.

SeedKit Breakdown $1000.00


Projector Screen

Sound System


Computer Software


Microphone & Cables